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Here are the rules for the Vintage Bike Ads:

1. Ads only for motorcycles and parts that are at least 20 years old.
3. No Q&A ads. Use for that.
4. Please limit postings to once per week per ad.
5. Please do not type in ALL CAPS.
6. No Commercial Ads. For advertising click here.
7. No Reproduction Parts. Must state USED, USED OEM or NOS.
8. Image files can be no larger than 1mb.
9. Failure to read and follow these rules will result in ad being removed and the person posting the ad being banned.

I reserve the right to remove any ad if poster is of questionable character.

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Friday, February 22, 2019 04:48 PM
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Honda sm blue and white kit believed to be around 85/86 era rare kit in stunning condition 32” large top ideal to wear or just for the man cave £135 uk mainland or £150 anywhere else Fox image barbed wire kit excellent condition slightly melted on righ inner leg from exhaust other than that perfect very little use size 34” xl top £135 postage inside uk £150 anywhere else fox image fx webbed jersey excellent condition as new £65 posted uk £70 anywhere else wulfsport lightening trousers 36” brand new very cool £50 posted uk mainland or £55 anywhere else jt 90’s kit excellent condition 36” xl top pichon replica I believe £100 posted uk mainland £110 anywhere else jt flex body armour to match the kit £55 uk posted £60 anywhere else may dona deal with a he kit and armour also lovely retro pink stillmotor armour £55 uk £60 anywhere else can’t upload pictures but can email them or send via Facebook or phone
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