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This site is being shut down.

Over the past 18 years I have provided this service free of charge.
During that time it has become a place of dishonest people taking
advantage of honest vintage bike enthusiasts. Comments became
nothing but a slandering and bickering tool. I have been forced into
being mediator, judge, jury and executioner. Roles I never wanted.
The time and money I put into this site was initially rewarded by
grateful people who appreciated a site where they could find parts
and bikes. I was happy to help. Now I get no joy from this site.
Therefore, I have decided to take the site off-line. There will be three
possible futures for this site.

1. Someone contacts me with a fair offer to buy the site, which includes

the domain name, database, and all web site design files, and help getting
the site running on the buyer's server.
Email Nathan at if you're interested in this option.

2. I redesign the site to require registration and a fee to place an ad. I
don't know how long this would take, but it won't be soon.

3. The site is permanently shut down.

I'm sad to see how this site has become a site where the bad people
have ruined it for the good people on this site. I guess it's just another
reflection of the world we live in these days.

Have a great summer riding, racing and working on your vintage bikes!

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